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WestJet Signs Contract to Buy Bombardier Q400 NextGen WestJet Signs Contract to Buy Bombardier Q400 NextGen(0)

WestJet Selects Bombardier Q400 NextGen Airliner

Technologically advanced Q400 NextGen aircraft from the Bombardier Aerospace travels to Africa on its next leg of 2012 world tour. This journey is heightened by the announcement made by WestJet earlier that these airliners have been chosen to meet their business prerequisites for 45 turboprop aeroplanes to commence its local airline.

President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, Mike Arcamone, considers this to be a very proud moment for Bombardier and was delighted to discover that WestJet had chosen the Q400 NextGen aircraft for their requirements. It is just like the “Get More” demonstration aircraft that journey’s to Africa for the next demonstration tour series. This was the aircraft that started its world tour in March 2012 while stopping in Calgary, Alberta which is the home of WestJetter. It successfully showcased why this new generation turboprop aircraft is perfect in the WestJet’s fleet. According to him the Bombardier family was very happy to welcome WestJetters and looked forward to continue working with the team to conclude the purchase agreement associated with the choice of Q400 NextGen aircrafts.

Mike Arcamone feels that the selection of the Q400 NextGen aircraft was based on its top grade merit as a turboprop that is perfectly suited for the growth oriented WestJet. Q400 NextGen aircraft, a very productive machine has 78 seats with enough cargo space to meet the requirements of guests as well as WestJet. This is a versatile aircraft and competent for short travel and can also speed up to reach further regional destinations. Mr. Arcamone added that Q400 NextGen aircraft is competitive with aircrafts on longer sectors. It is designed with matchless balance of comfort, speed, cost and top environmental considerations and is an ideal machine for WestJet.

Bombardier Q400 NextGen Airliner

Q400 NextGen or the “Get More” aircrafts will be on display flight for demonstration to over 10 African destinations. High value of Q400 aircraft is proved by its ability to operate in diverse environments including cold weather in Eastern Europe and Canada, dry surroundings of the North Africa and Middle East to the humid conditions of sub-Saharan Africa and West North America. There is no other turboprop that can perform like Q400 aircrafts in such environments.

What this Means for Bombardier Stock Holders

Vice President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, Sales, Middle East and Africa, Raphael Haddad said that the demonstration flights , earlier this year to Western Canada, Peru and Chile were very successful and they were ready to showcase Q400 NextGen aircraft in Africa. There are over 200 Bombardier Dash 8/Q-Series turboprops and CRJ Series regional jets including a few 42 Q400 aircraft that are already flying or are ready in Middle East and Africa in a variety of markets.

Mr. Haddad added that their Q400 NextGen airliner is the latest technology, fastest turboprop that offers jet speed as well as turboprop fuel efficiency allowing it to deliver best flexible and on the whole operating economics in this market segment.

2011-2030 market forecast from Bombardier predicts that even after beginning from a small base, Africa and the Middle East are going to capture 7% or about 980 from the 13,100 deliveries around the world in the 149 seat market section. Bombardier Aerospace announced in November 2011, the opening of their regional marketing and sales office in Dubai to help serve Africa and the Middle East. It is situated in the Dubai Free Zone close to the Dubai International Airport and extends global presence of Bombardier by offering closer propinquity to present and prospective clients in the region.

Firm orders have been taken by Bombardier for   Q400 NextGen and 428 Q400 airliners. They are in service in 30 countries by about 40 operators. These aeroplanes have logged on over 3.2 million flight hours and carried 177 million passengers or more with 3.5 million landings and take-offs.

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