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Some of the Best Penny Stocks

Mentioned below are a few of the coming penny stocks.

CELL or Brightpoint   

CELL is a company offering device lifecycle services to the high-tech and wireless industries. The services offered by them include inventory management, fulfillment, demand planning, kitting, procurement, software loading, credit services, customized packaging and more. In just a week, shares of CELL are up by a remarkable 65%. There has to be big news! Ingram Micro, the technology distributor is buying CELL. Ingram is shelling out approximately $650 million for the company or about $9 per share. That means a 66% premium on the stock price before the announcement. This explains the jump in shares perfectly. This deal looks like done and this is also a fair indication that there may be other deals on the way.  With competition intensifying in the tablet and smarthphone market PC companies could be looking to spreading out into the wireless market.

JMBA or Jamba   

JMBA Shares are up by a strong 37% in the last week. Jamba Juice stores and franchises are owned by JMBA. The company is a restaurant retailer of food products and specialty beverages such as smoothies, hot teas, squeezed juices, hot oatmeal as well as other drinks and food products. Let’s look at the deal… Recently JMBA has started a forceful marketing campaign and to popularize their stores are partnering with big sports stars like Venus Williams. Venus is starting her personal store in Washington DC. Their latest marketing strategy with aggressive opening of stores is leaving an effect on investors. Till now they look like supporting the efforts of the company fully and the stock continues to move northwards.

NSPH or Nanosphere

Molecular diagnostics platform is developed by NSPH which allows protein and genomic testing on one single platform.  The main product of the company is utilized for testing pharmacogenetic and human assays, ultra-sensitive protein assays as well as infectious disease assays. NSPH shares have seen an increase of about 55% in the last week. What is the reason behind it? Bloodstream infection test developed by NSPH has been approval by the FDA recently. Not just that Jefferies as well as Roth Capital have upgraded this stock with that approval and Roth has set a price target of $4.50. During the time of writing the stock was trading at about $3.20, there is more of upside coming. Not surprising that investors are not leaving the chance to get the shares.

Penny Stock Buy Tawsho Mining Inc. Penny Stock Buy Tawsho Mining Inc.(0)

Excellent Mining Company Tawsho Recommended a Buy

Tawsho Mining Inc. Stock Overview

Symbol (TAW) on the TSX Venture 

Primary focus of Tawsho Mining Inc, a mining exploration business is on exploration, acquisition, expansion of gold resources and gold exploration projects in advanced stage. Currently they are developing few projects including the Whisker Valley project which is made up of 870 claims and covers a region of 218.8 sq. km, the Cabot property with 25 sq. kilometres area in Baie Verte, Newfoundland as well as the Chevrier project with 557 claims in the 95.4 sq. kilometres Chibougamau area of Quebec.

Tawsho Mining Inc completed 11 drill holes during their 2011 drill campaign at their Whisker Valley Gold Project which gave a significant gold value return. WK11-08 hole gave an average grade of 1.38 oz/ton, WK11-06 hole offered an average 0.57 oz/ton grade in an interval of 0.15 metres and the WK11-07 hole provided 0.41 oz/ton over 0.5 metres. 

Whisker Valley Newfoundland Property

20,875 hectares of Whisker Valley property lies at the southern tip of the Baie Verte Peninsula in Newfoundland, close to the Middle Arm community and King’s Point can be accessed through paved highways and forest.

Rocks on Whisker Valley property are located east of the Baie Verte Line in the Baie Verte Belt, traditionally famous for base metal and gold deposits. The Baie Verte Line is located on an important structural feature that separates the Humber and Dunnage Zones on the Orogenic Belt of Appalachian-Caledonian.

Bedrock predominantly comprises of felsic, granitic and volcanic intrusions from the Early Silurian King’s Point Complex which is considered to be a buckled Paleozoic caldera. North and east are connected with the Burlington Granodiorite. Gold mineralization of Mesothermal has taken place in the eastern fault in both Burlington Granodiorite and King’s Point Complex.

Whisker Valley property mineralization comprises of gold and uranium linked to quartz veins and haematitic volcanic pyroclastic breccias.

Key interests include Nest and Muskrat showings and Road Gold Showing.

Bayswater Uranium Corporation discovered Road Gold Showing in 2007 and it is made up of quartz-sulphide veins held by shaved felsic volcanic rocks. Bayswater description from grab and float samples show values higher than 10 g/t gold from the finest sample evaluating 104 g/t gold.  Bayswater’s four short drill holes in 2008 did not find encouraging intersections.

Rhino Exploration Ltd discovered the Muskrat and Nest gold showings in 2005 which are not very clear and offer vague descriptions. Test returns from an outcrop sample of this showing are 40,970 ppb Au and 9800 ppb Au.

Taku Gold a Hot Penny Stock to Buy Taku Gold a Hot Penny Stock to Buy(0)

Taku Gold Corp Penny Stock Watch

Company Overview Current Stock Price Error opening:

Taku Gold Corp. is a resource and exploration company in the Yukon region of North Canada with considerable holding. It has become among the biggest White Gold District stakeholders, which is home to many important gold finds and is fast rising as the centre of the latest Yukon Gold Rush. Other than the properties at White Gold, Taku Gold is also finding poignant results in its TAG Gold-Silver Project. TAG project is situated in northern British Columbia and has a 6.2 kilometer fault with gold that has actually yielded silver and gold in 67 holes drilled till now.

Assets of White Gold Yukon 

Taku Gold has 9 properties of 76,238 hectares and is presently among the biggest White Gold District’s stakeholders. Some of them are close to the properties of Kinross that have shown large resources. This region also has structures and rock types similar to the nearby discoveries by Kinross. Taku has already done a multi-sensor, high resolution, geophysical airborne survey on six of its properties.

Taku has also finished geochemical deep-auger surveys of 3 Properties and all of them show ongoing major production of placer gold. They have performed a limited diamond drilling and mechanical trenching curriculum on their White Gold Properties.

Dan Assets

It has 27 kilometers of well-defined, potential, fault system in the linear thrust of the northern expansion of the gold-bearing drift on the property of JP Ross situated 5km southwest. 2316 soil samples were obtained from the Dan property. They were obtained from the key grid and three minor grids at 50 meter sample intervals on rows separated by about 100 meter airborne geophysical readings of 1091 line kilometers were also collected.  Sampling of soil focused on the northwest section of the territory where as per the airborne magnetic data the thrust fault structure looks more composite. Geochemical results of the soil were usually low with two important results of 212ppbAu and 115ppb. These values are of the thrust fault as shown by the magnetic airborne data; soil sampling did not classify gold-in-soil trends.

Rosebute Assets

5158 samples of soil were collected from the two grids on the Rosebute property. They were based on 50 meters sample intervals spaced at a distance of about 100 meters. Airborne geophysical readings of 1107 line kilometers were also collected. The first grid situated in the northwestern section of the area. Outstanding geochemical results were obtained from the inconsistent region of about 550ha. There are 3 distinct, linear anomalies in the east trending of this region. The first one is well defined on 2200 meters and displays maximum value of up to 201ppb Au. Another well defined anomaly is 400 meters long and displays maximum value of up to 84ppb Au. The last anomaly is sporadically defined over 1100 meters and confirms a maximum value of about 155ppbAu. All the three east trending geochemical characteristics look like crosscutting the local geological fabric which as shown by the magnetic airborne data are typically northwesterly. The subsequent grid which covers an area of 1500ha and lies in the heart of the land offered just small anomalous values.

To put in short an excellent anomalous gold zone area has been documented in the northwest section of the Rosebute property. This 550 ha has three well marked linear gold trends. Soil sampling in the heart of the property gave many spot anomalies but in general has less potential for gold mineralization. Almost 60% of the property has not been placed under soil sampling work during 2010 and has to still be tested.

Sulphur Assets

This lies in the southeast trending ridge where noteworthy placer gold is available and it is ongoing. In 2010 the company did a radiometric geophysical and a high-definition, airborne magnetic survey in this region.

Quartz Assets

Quartz Creek is included in this property which has considerable amount of placer gold which continues to be mined. In 2010mid-September a 340 line km airborne geophysical and soil geochemical, deep auger-type, 901-sample survey was done on the 3022ha, 146 claim Quartz property. Preliminary sampling of soil was conducted at 50m intervals on lines separated by 450 meters. Nevertheless a group of 7 anomalous gold regions in the soil have been found in the northwest corner with a highest 24ppm Au value. This group is at the southern periphery of a strongly magnetic region seen through the geophysical airborne survey.

Montana Assets

Montana links to Kinross a property of JP Ross that houses the lower edge of the Steele Fork; where as shown by the restricted geological mapping and magnetic data is a thrust fault with likely gold mineralization.

In 2010 Taku worked on a complete high-definition, radiometric geophysical and airborne magnetic survey of the property demarcating a southeast trending magnetic structure which is situated to parallel to Steele Creek. 2010 Cursory prospecting shows that magnetic signature can be because of the thrust fault obvious by rich breccias and quartz veins down the Steele Creek. Placer gold found here could be due to the fault in the thrust.

Wounded Moose Assets

This is over a number of spherical airborne magnetic highs which is parallel to the Wounded Moose Creek. Production of placer gold has been documented here.

AM Assets

This comprises of the headwaters of Melba Creek and Australia where the production of placer gold has taken place. It also has a top airborne magnetic low which goes on from the Gold Run Creek, the most fruitful Klondike goldfields creeks.

Portland Assets

This envelops a chronological showing and has samples of almost 5.7 ounces per ton gold and is called the Gold Run. It was revealed in 1910 and includes widespread hand trenching, around 30 meters of shafting and 23 meters of adits. The work here has been in several hundred meters of an uncovered vein with sulphide-bearing quartz-breccia located on the crest of the ridge. The trending is the North West into the Portland Creek headwaters.

Bishop Assets

This is made up of a big region where work was done by the precious property retailers Vern Matkovich and Tom Morgan. It outlined a well-built, south east trending medium on the edge of a magnetic high. To test for placer gold auger drilling was done mechanically by the property retailers and they located atypical gold grains in the collected bedrock samples from all over the geophysical anomaly. Theses grains are dark yellow, angular and frequently fastened to fragments of quartz.

Burnham Assets

This is a 35 kilometer long contiguous block which covers the headwaters of Jensen Creeks, Australia, Rob Roy, Melba, Arkansas, Burnham, and Kentucky. All the creeks are tributaries of the Dominion Creek where considerable placer gold concentration has been documented from the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush.

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