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Thinking of Investing in Land Thinking of Investing in Land(0)

Helpful Tips for Land Investment in Canada

One of the assets, which has managed to keep its value despite overall economical downturn, is land in Canada.  This is one of the reasons why investors are showing keen interest in purchasing land in Canada.  Their primary aim is to take advantage of escalation of price in future and earn profits.  Secondly Canadian land is bestowed with natural beauty which also attractors many land buyers.

The types of land available in Canada differ substantially depending on region, climate, terrain, infrastructure facilities and other amenities. This helps investors to find suitable land which can fulfill the requirements of different types of projects they have in mind.  This can include land for property development, agriculture, industries and even totally untouched wild terrain.  Land is also available in lakesides, hills and other scenic places which can be developed for residential and tourism purposes. Land in Ontario has always been highly regarded as the best investment, recently Land for Sale in Ontario has slowed down

The region or the type of land to be purchased would depend on the how the investor is planning to profit from it.  There are some investors who prefer to buy raw land and develop it for reselling for residential or commercial purposes.  There is other who prefers to invest in already developed land which has basic infrastructure facilities so that they can profit from the increase in prices. Before purchasing land, the investor needs to take time to research on the future prospects to ensure   adequate return for their investment.

Since there are a large number of professional developers who are searching for a profitable piece of Northern Ontario land, a common investor should always be on the lookout for a good buying opportunity.  He should also avoid taking undue time for reaching a decision on a land purchase, before it is grabbed by the professional developers. Rural areas lying adjacent to towns as well as sub-urban areas are on the focus of large real estate dealers and developers, whose basic strategy is to develop the land for various uses, provide basic amenities and make a profit when reselling it.

Land dealings are often fraught with risks but these can be minimized by proper planning.  The land may have some defects hidden from the normal sight and there may be zoning and other governmental hurdles for developing it.  As compared to individual purchases and land banking investment, it would be prudent to invest in a land development investment, where the land would be owned by a Company.  This way, the dealings would be made by professionals and experts in the field who would be able to get the necessary permits.  Also the risk, if any, would be shared by other investors in the company.


Toronto Stock Market Trends Toronto Stock Market Trends(0)

Current Trends in the Toronto Stock Market

On the positive side, the Toronto Stock Market was relieved by the fact that the quarterly results announced by Research in Motion (RIM), which produces BlackBerry and PlayBook tablet, showed that the company’s performance surpassed the expectations of the analysts.   RIM said that their quarterly loss was US $ 235 million or 45 cents for each diluted share. The adjusted loss was 142 million which comes to 27 cents per share, which is much less than a per share loss of  47 cents predicted by the analysts.  The company had posted a profit of $ 329 million (63 cents per share) last year.

Another Ontario Company Waterloo also announced their second quarter results which appeared better than anticipated.  Due to these results, it is expected that there would be some positive movement in the market when it opens.  Being end of a quarter, some volatile trading is also expected in the market.

The austerity measures being adopted in Spain has caused great concern among the investors, which may offset these gains.  The Spanish government has announced substantial spending reduction to convince the investors and creditors that it is serious in its plan. Investors are still cautious and waiting for the credit rating by Moody.  Some even expect that the Spanish Government may even be downgraded to junk status by this agency.

Nevertheless, the announcement by Spain to cut spending by Euro 40 billion in 2013 has given some hope to investors. They think that this would pave way for financial help from European Central Bank and other European countries.

As far as Canadian economy is concerned, according to Statistics Canada the growth was 0.2% in July which was better than 0.1% predicted by analysts.  There was a slight fall of 0.09 of a cent to 101.86 cents  by Canadian Dollar  against us Dollar. There was a slight downward movement of Crude Oil in New York Mercantile Exchange by $1.07 to the current price of US $ 3.76.  In Wall street the opening was slightly lower.  The slight downward trend by 0.4% to 1.6 % was visible in DAX in Germany , IBEX in Madrid, CAC-40 in France and FTSE 100 index in Britain.  In Asia a slight gain of 0.4% was seen in Hang Seng index of Hong Kong and Kospi of South Korea.  Shangai Composit index also rose by 1.5%.  Japan’s Nikkei however fell by 0.9%.


Speculating September Commodity Prices Speculating September Commodity Prices(0)

Commodity Prices Estimates for September 

Copper and Crude Oil is projected lower as growth geared assets drop after the Fed Minutes.

There is pressure on silver and gold with risk aversion leading to boost in demand for US Dollar

After minutes from FOMC meeting in June were ineffective to press on with the expectations of a QE3 program to be revealed in the near term, risk aversion has gripped the financial markets. There are worries about slowing of economic growth and prices of commodity are trading much lower. Even the Bank of Japan let down on the stimulus front and chose to reallocate funds between asset-purchase programs and credit-loan rather than expanding accommodative actions.

Copper and crude oil prices linked to sentiments are following lower stocks. Meanwhile silver and gold are also facing actual selling pressure with capital flowing into the US Dollar. Futures of the S&P 500 stock index are sharply pointing toward lower before the Wall Street opening bell, in contention of similar happenings in the impending session.

WTI Crude Oil September Estimate: / +2.26% / $85.81 / +1.90

Over resistance of price is seen at 10174, the 50% Fibonacci retracement, after removing the trend line resistance placed in late May. Initially a break at higher level exposed the target of 61.8% level at 10209. Support for the near-term is seen along the trend line and resisted at 38.2% Fib at 10139.

Spot Gold: $1576.40 / +0.58% / +9.13

Support for the prices broke at 1575.81, with 38.2% Fibonacci expansion, after placing the bearish Evening Star candlestick outline, lower falling tendency line resistance placed from late March. It is aimed by the sellers to confront the 50% Fib at 1555.61. As there is a break below that exposes trend-defining 1522.50-32.45 region. Near-term resistance remains at the 1575.81 levels.

Spot Silver: $27.13/ +1.13%/ +0.30  

Support is being tested at the prices of 26.75, with a lower break that exposed many months triple bottom at 26.05. 28.02 is the trend line resistance now, with a break above that exposed the bottom of a formerly broken Flag formation.

COMEX E-Mini Copper: $3.448 / +1.47% / +0.50

Support is being tested at the prices of 3.386, with 23.6% Fibonacci increase. The lower break is revealing the 38.2% level at 3.280 and important double bottom at 3.250. There is near-term resistance at 3.450 or the 14.6% level and the breach targeting higher at 3.535.

Toronto Exchange Trading at Highest Levels Toronto Exchange Trading at Highest Levels(0)

Toronto Stock Exchange on a 3 Year High

For the second straight day Canadian stocks continued their gains to end up with a one-month high, mainly led by resource shares. There were impressive gains by the Toronto stocks following a long holiday weekend, with the easing of concerns over the euro zone. It looks like Greece has made some progress with its debt bailout plan. It was also expected that in order to relieve pressure from Italy and Spain the European Central Bank will purchase bonds.

Officials from the European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund and the European Commission completed their visit to Greece and felt that the country is making progress in finding cuts in budget required to carry on its bailout plans. However, the team warned that much more work has to be done still.

On Tuesday the S&P/TSX Composite Index closed at 11,863.50, up by 1.72 percent or 200.91 points. It touched an intraday low of 11,666.18 and high of 11,874.66.

There was a jump of 4.56 percent in the Metals & Mining Index, piloted by Teck Resources Limited that was up 5.55 percent and First Quantum Minerals Ltd. Higher by 5.43 percent and Lundin Mining Corp. added 1.82 percent.

There was a gain of 0.97 percent in the Financial Index with 1.45 percent increase in Bank of Nova Scotia, 0.47 percent in Royal Bank of Canada, 2.60 percent in Manulife Financial Corp and a gain of 0.56 percent for Toronto-Dominion Bank.

There was a surge of 2.94 percent in the Energy Index with the U.S. crude oil futures gaining 1.6 percent or $1.21 to close at $93.67 per barrel for September delivery on the NYMEX.

In the energy stocks, Talisman Energy Inc. gained 1.35 percent, Canadian Natural Resources Limited went up by 7.33, Suncor Energy Inc. surged 1.90 percent, Husky Energy Inc. increased by 2.24 percent and Encana Corp. ended 4.15 percent higher.

There was a gain of 2.90 percent in the Global Gold Index, even with the December gold futures fell by 0.2 percent or $3.40 to close at $1,612.80 per ounce on the NYMEX. There was an advance of 2.89 percent in the Capped Materials Index.

In the gold stocks, Barrick Gold Corp. gained 3.44 percent, Kinross Gold Corp. went up by 1.16 percent, while Eldorado Gold Corp. saw an increase of 5.51 percent and Yamana Gold Inc. was higher by 1.49 percent.

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. Fertilizer manufacturer went up 0.05 percent.

Bombardier Inc. transportation systems manufacturer surged 3.90 percent and Research In Motion Limited, the Blackberry maker moved up by 4.87 percent.

Gran Tierra Energy Inc. the global energy enterprise was up by 5.22 percent even after showing a second-quarter profit of only $0.05 per share or $13.1 million down from $0.11 or $31.6 million a share last year.

CAE, Inc. the aviation-training and simulation products supplier moved up by 0.40 percent after reporting sale of C$42 million or 3 full flight simulators to Air China Ltd.

Telus Corp. the telecommunications corporation showed a minor growth in their second quarter profit of C$1.00 a share or C$328 million as against C$0.98 a share or C$324 million in the previous year quarter. It is expected by the analysts that for the quarter the company will show earnings of C$1.01 a share. Telus Corp. also increased its 2012 revenue guidance from the previous range of C$10.70 billion to C$11.00 billion to between C$10.75 billion and C$11.05 billion resulting in the stock gaining more than 2 percent.

Reasons to get into Forex Trading Reasons to get into Forex Trading(0)

Trade Any Time Everyday with Forex

The Forex market is almost a flawless 24-hour market, based on the availability of liquidity. Forex trading at FXCM starts from Sunday 5:15 p.m. ET and goes on till 4:55 p.m. Friday. Customer service for FXCM is open 24/7 and orders placed previously can be filled till 5 pm ET. Currency traders have the option to customize their trading timetable with the facility to trade around the clock. It is possible to get in as well as out of this market whenever they want without a wait for opening bell or any market break. It is true that it is possible to trade stocks following the typical market hours, there is a chance of negation with less order flow or an extreme broadening of the bid-ask spread.

No Need to Pay Commissions

Typically the costs in the Forex market are restricted to the bid-ask spread. No commission is charged by FXCM as it is remunerated via a mark-up that is included in the spread that it gets from its liquidity offered through the FX Trading Station.

FXCM can even get reparation from its liquidity providers for the order flow. You don’t have to pay any commission to FXCM for standard accounts, but commission cost can be relevant for particular class of non-standard accounts including Active Trader.

It is Easy to Access Forex Market Information

There are plenty of stocks as well as information on stocks.  To locate good trading chance in the equities markets, it can mean going through thousands of stock data, on the other hand a Forex trader has to just research six key currencies. Other than that the important information that propels the equity markets, like profits and revenues can be complicated and may even be prone to deception, insider trading and fraud. While almost all the news that moves the Forex market is reports dispersed publicly by research institutions or governments and is apparent.

It is true that the knowledge gained while analyzing stocks can also be easily shifted into the Forex market. The currency markets are affected by a number of economic indicators common to equity traders like interest rates and payroll data.  There are several technical traders who find the Forex market to be especially particularly lucrative as currencies react well to several universal technical indicators like Candlestick charting, MACD and RSI.

You can learn more about shifting to Forex trading from trading equity markets from FXCM staff.

Lower Forex Commissions

Lower commissions are offered by the Active Trader Group for high-volume traders. It is possible to gain from this pricing on all FXCM platforms. In case you decide to trade via the Active Trader platform you will get a look at the liquidity available at every price band. The added transaction cost of the Active Trader program including spreads plus commissions typically is quite less compared to the cost of transaction (spreads) accessible on a classic FXCM standard account.

Remember Forex Trading Can Be a High Risk Investment

There is a high level of risk when trading margin carries or foreign exchange and may not be appropriate for many investors. There is a high level of leverage that can work for as well as against you. Before you take a call trade Forex, think about your risk appetite, investment objectives and experience level cautiously. There is a fair chance of sustaining some or even complete loss of your initial investment which suggests that it is best not to invest cash which you can’t afford to lose. It is best to be conscious of the various risks linked with foreign exchange trading and take the advice of a financial advisor in case you have questions and doubts.

Toronto Exchange Stock Market History Toronto Exchange Stock Market History(0)

History of the Toronto Exchange

A great deal of the capital during the early growth in Canada was raised from the London market, till the middle of 1800. There were public shares of big enterprises of that time like the Hudson’s Bay Company in Great Britain. However after the mid 1800s, with the increase in the availability of financial instruments like mining stocks and railway bonds, there was an augment in the number of financial brokers. The formation of TSX or the Toronto Stock Exchange is traced to July 26, 1852. A group of businessmen in Toronto got together with the objective to form a brokers association. Here we have mentioned how this exchange transformed into the biggest Canadian stock exchange and the 7th biggest in the world as of 2008.

The Early Period 

Even though we can trace the TSX back to 1852, it is difficult to find records of any of the trading believed to have been done then. In fact TSX was really started in 1861 October when 24 businessmen gathered at the Toronto’s Masonic Hall passed a resolution with the aim of setting up a structure to assist in financial instruments exchange. There were just 18 securities, mostly from the real estate and banks that were listed in those days. There was limited trading with half-hour sessions daily during which just a few transactions were made. Initially membership cost $5, but this has increased to $250 per seat by 1871.  At this time there were 14 member companies in TSX. The exchange was officially incorporated in 1878 by the Act of the Ontario Legislature and was the second authorized Canadian stock exchange after the Montreal Exchange.

2001 till Present 

The TSX acquired the Canadian Venture Exchange in 2001 and was called TSX Venture Exchange later. Standard & Poor’s took over TSX 300 Composite Index management in 2002, and renamed it S&P/TSX Composite Index. Later in April of the same year, the Toronto Stock Exchange was again named TSX.  For the first time in 2005 the total value of trade on the TSX was more than $1 trillion for the year and later in 2007, Montreal Exchange and the TSX Group made an agreement to merge and form the TMX Group. This business partnership of the two companies was completed in 2008, with the name change of the TSX Group as TMX Group

There are over 4,000 listed companies in the TMX Group and in terms of public listed companies it ranks second in the world in August 2008. The exchange raised C$58.8 billion via 465 financings and was world’s no.7 in 2007 for raising equity capital. The TMX no doubt is among the liveliest world markets for energy and mining instruments and the leading amount of listed mining enterprises were seen here in 2008. 35% of the sum of equity capital raised for mining corporations around the world were TSX and TSX Venture issuers in 2007.

August Penny Stock Picks August Penny Stock Picks(0)

Some of the Best Penny Stocks

Mentioned below are a few of the coming penny stocks.

CELL or Brightpoint   

CELL is a company offering device lifecycle services to the high-tech and wireless industries. The services offered by them include inventory management, fulfillment, demand planning, kitting, procurement, software loading, credit services, customized packaging and more. In just a week, shares of CELL are up by a remarkable 65%. There has to be big news! Ingram Micro, the technology distributor is buying CELL. Ingram is shelling out approximately $650 million for the company or about $9 per share. That means a 66% premium on the stock price before the announcement. This explains the jump in shares perfectly. This deal looks like done and this is also a fair indication that there may be other deals on the way.  With competition intensifying in the tablet and smarthphone market PC companies could be looking to spreading out into the wireless market.

JMBA or Jamba   

JMBA Shares are up by a strong 37% in the last week. Jamba Juice stores and franchises are owned by JMBA. The company is a restaurant retailer of food products and specialty beverages such as smoothies, hot teas, squeezed juices, hot oatmeal as well as other drinks and food products. Let’s look at the deal… Recently JMBA has started a forceful marketing campaign and to popularize their stores are partnering with big sports stars like Venus Williams. Venus is starting her personal store in Washington DC. Their latest marketing strategy with aggressive opening of stores is leaving an effect on investors. Till now they look like supporting the efforts of the company fully and the stock continues to move northwards.

NSPH or Nanosphere

Molecular diagnostics platform is developed by NSPH which allows protein and genomic testing on one single platform.  The main product of the company is utilized for testing pharmacogenetic and human assays, ultra-sensitive protein assays as well as infectious disease assays. NSPH shares have seen an increase of about 55% in the last week. What is the reason behind it? Bloodstream infection test developed by NSPH has been approval by the FDA recently. Not just that Jefferies as well as Roth Capital have upgraded this stock with that approval and Roth has set a price target of $4.50. During the time of writing the stock was trading at about $3.20, there is more of upside coming. Not surprising that investors are not leaving the chance to get the shares.

Why Trade on Forex Markets Why Trade on Forex Markets(0)

The Benefits of Trading in Forex

You will find that trading in Forex is different from the other forms of trading. Let us examine the advantages and disadvantages of trading in Forex as compared to the Stock Market.

You can trade 24 hours in a day.

Forex market is open round the clock. Forex trading is offered by Forex Capital Markets (FXCM) from 5:15 pm on Sunday to 4:55 Pm on Friday. The Client Service of FXCM is accessible 24 x7.  The advantage of Forex trading is that there is no opening or closing bell or a gap in markets. This enables you to enter and exit the Forex trading at any time and customize your trading schedule.

There are no commissions to be paid.

Since Forex trading is confined to the bid-ask spread, it does not charge any commissions.  The FXCM is compensated by the mark-up which is added to the bid-ask spread received from liquidity providers.  FXCM also can get compensation from the order flow.  Commission may, however, be charged to certain classes of accounts such as Active Trader.

The information on Forex is more reliable.

When you are dealing with stock market, you would need to analyze the data from thousands of stocks for doing the trading in a proper manner.  As far as Forex trading is concerned, you only need to keep track of six major currencies of the world. Another problem with the stock markets is that a large portion of the data available on companies may not be correct and it is easy to get deceived by fraud and insider trading. In Forex market, all the data about currencies are available in public domain and most of the research is done transparently by reliable government and other research institutions.

Experience in Stock Trading is useful in Forex Trading.

Your expertise in Stock Trading can be used beneficially in Forex Trading also.  The commonly used economic indicators in stock trading such as payroll data and interest rates also are relevant to Forex Trading.  Also the technical indicators such as Candlestick Charting, MACD, RSI etc. are pertinent in Forex trade also as currencies also appear to respond to these indicators.

Forex is not suitable for all traders

The level of risk in Forex trading is high as compared to stock market.  Since you are given a higher amount of leverage the loss can also be higher sometimes.  The factors to consider before venturing into Forex trade are your risk appetite, investment objectives and also level of experience. It would be prudent to take the help of a financial advisor before committing funds to forex trading.

Perpetual Bond Sales Rise Perpetual Bond Sales Rise(0)

Sale of Perpetual Bonds in Singapore

There has been a quantum jump in the sale of Perpetual Bonds in Singapore this Year. The sale this year alone surpassed the combined sales of last 15 years.  The upper limit of the market for Singapore dollar Perpetual Bonds is still being tested with Neptune Orient Lines perpetual about to be released and bonds of Wilmar International and Ascendas in the offing.

The advantage of Perpetual Bonds is that they are treated like equities under rules and the companies can raise funds without any maturity date.  Though at present these bonds are being lapped up by investors, it is felt that this enthusiasm may wane in the near future. Experts feel that the market is getting saturated.

This is partly because, the perpetual launched by casino resort Genting Singapore become extremely successful and absorbed $1.8 billion from the market. The perpetual has already secured orders of about $6m, bankers have been discussing a repeat launching to soak this amount. This has resulted in pressure on the value of Genting perpetual, which is currently being marked at 99.50.  Experts feel that the market may not be ready for another perpetual soon.

The success of Genting affected the sale of perpetual released one week later by Mapletree Logistic Trust which could get only $350 million out of anticipated S$500 million, though it paid slightly more return.

Driven by the investor sentiment, a total amount of S$ 3.062 billion was raised by five corporate perpetual since January, which itself is more than last 15 years.  With another three deals coming, the subsequent perpetuals may not perform well unless the yield offered is higher.

Meanwhile, NOL dealing with Container Shipping, which is planning to launch a perpetual soon, may have to try hard to market it. The company reported a loss of US $ 320m in the fourth quarter last year. According to IFR, the Standard Chartered, OCBC, HSBC and DBS would be the joint leads of this offer.

Another company which is planning for launching a perpetual bond is the Agri group Wilmar.  This company, which deals with edible oils, has oil palm plantations in South-East asia and its operations are spread all over Asia.

Binary Option Trading Strategies Binary Option Trading Strategies(0)

How to Trade Binary Options and Protect your Position

Strategy for Binary Option offers traders a chance to earn large profits through trading. Even though here the stakes are high, but this type of trading has an advantage over many other ways of trading. The trend outcome can be predicted in a short time period. When trading the stock market normally, it takes more time, even weeks or months before you get a result. When you start using strategies for Binary Options for trading, the end date may just take an hour or more.

There are several advantages of using strategy for Binary Option. To begin with you get many options to buy, sell and trade stocks. When you are assessing risks in the market, you can safeguard your cash and invest by choosing the most suitable strategy of Binary Options and hope to get favorable results.

Most of us are aware that Binary Options involves trading by predicting the result. It is like a toss the coin concept where the coin is tossed to predict the outcome of tails or heads. If you have predicted heads and it turns out to be right and you win. It will be a different thing if the outcome is tails as you lose all. This can also be applied in the strategies of Binary Options. Like the toss-coin game, you make a forecast if the asset, commodity or stock price will rise of fall and you earn a percentage of the investment made when the odds result in your favor.

It is true that there will be occasions when the odds will be in your favor and others when you are unlucky. It is vital to safeguard your investment and try to have minimal loss or not at all. This can be done by leveraging one or all kinds of Binary Options Strategy handles by numerous traders. Before trying out any of them you need to understand and have better knowledge so that your trading turnover is always positive. Once you follow strategies of Binary Options, you are assured of best results.

Mentioned here are different kinds of Strategy of Binary Options:

Strategy 1: Protective Put

This kind of Binary Options strategy has several other names such as “married put,” “put hedge”, “put and stock”, “Protective Put” or “bullets,” strategy. Here the trader gets complete hedging coverage for the stocks. He purchases a put to safeguard investments in case of a drop in stock price. This is also a good option for a trader who is unsure of the stocks in which he has already earned so he buys a put to ensure that the position of his stock position stays intact even during the possibility of a drop in the price of the stock in future.

To give an example if an options trader has 100 shares of an asset trading at the price of  $60 in August, in order to guard his investment, he decides to employ a protective put strategy by purchasing a SEP 50 put option for $300 to keep his current stock possession, except if he has sold the share. So even if the price of the stock falls, the trader will get back his initial investment in spite of serious losses.

Strategy 2: Covered Call Option  

This is a good strategy especially for investors who are looking to lengthen their position in their stock. For example, a trader with a company share can use this approach to get additional cash from the stocks that he presently owns. It is also known as the “buy-write” strategy and is often used by veteran traders who are looking to be open even if when they already have a share or stock ownership.

It is best for traders who are trying this strategy for Binary Options to take advice of a brokerage or a financial firm to get likely success.

Strategy 3: Money Management  

It is possible for traders to make mistakes sometimes when they trade for commodities or stocks. At that time Money Management is one strategy of Binary Options which lets traders monitor and follow the flow of their cash and where it is moving.

Money Management is a helpful and efficient strategy as it offers details on if you enough cash to trade for the coming days, months or weeks. It is also a precautionary strategy which helps you to evaluate some risks and use other techniques to manage your cash without losing too much. Money Management strategy also gives surety that he can make profits with trading with money management strategy.

Strategy 4: Collar Option

This strategy has been developed to aid traders to manage stocks without suffering large losses. It is possible that the trader does not earn too much, but will surely not have to get concerned about serious losses. An advantage of collar options strategy is that it is almost free to set a collar option. The cost of selling a call is used to buy a put. When the trader makes use of the collar strategy he can get lower or higher returns based on the outcome.

Main point is that you will not have to put your investment in danger if you use any of the strategies of Binary Options for protection. If you have a long experience and good knowledge on the market where you trade, your forecast will be good and you will not have to get concerned about future losses.

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