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Potash Corp Stock Earnings and Projections Potash Corp Stock Earnings and Projections(0)

Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc Company Overview

Current Stock Price; Error opening:

33 percent drop in quarterly profit was reported for Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc on Thursday and it also lowered its expectation for the year. This pulled down the shares of the top fertilizer maker in the world.

With almost 60 % decline in crop nutrient potash shipments has led to this big downfall in the first-quarter profit of Potash Corp’s, more than expected by analysts. The industry leader also cut down on its estimate for worldwide demand for potash in 2012 as well as lowered its forecasts for profits and shipments.

Bill Doyle, the Chief Executive issued a statement saying that the buyers moved cautiously in the start of the year, particularly with the purchase of potash. He also mentioned that even though they expected an improvement in fertilizer purchasing globally, it may not happen till the second half of the first quarter. The demand took longer than expected to emerge. He included that he expected an increase in potash demand to reinforce in the remaining part of the year.

However a few analysts are sceptical and this has prompted Robert Winslow, analyst for National Bank to cut rating on the shares of Potash Corp from “sector performs” to “underperform”.

Winslow wrote that they also expected strong buying in spring but feel that there is more risk of downside than of increase in prices. This view indicates the chances of further weakness in demand for fertilizer in the year. He trimmed his target price on Potash Corp stock from $45 to $42.

On Thursday Potash Corp shares in the New York Stock Exchange closed at $42.87, 3.2 percent lower, as its shares listed in Toronto fell by the same difference to C$42.25.

Disappointing Outlook to stock projection

The company is expecting their 2012 earnings in the range of $3.20 to $3.60 per share after an unsuccessful $39 billion hostile takeover attempt by the mining leader BHP Billiton. That is also below the earlier estimate of $3.40 to $4 and much less than the present analyst average estimate of $3.64.

PJ Juvekar Citigroup analyst wrote a note to clients saying that they believe that investor expectations is comparatively low going during the quarter, but the guidance cut 2012 was bigger than expected.

As per Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S the company expects its earning in second-quarter between 90 cents to $1.10 per share. Presently Wall Street is expecting earnings of $1.06 per share.

Potash Corp now forecasts total potash demand globally to be in the range of 53 million to 56 million tonne this year and its own volume of sales will be from 8.8 million to 9.2 million tonnes. The company had estimated sales of 55 million to 58 million tonnes globally in January, with its delivery about 9.2 million to 10 million tonne.

From its main potash business Potash Corp is expecting gross profits of $2.6 billion to $2.9 billion as to its previous estimate of $2.9 billion to $3.3 billion.

Saskatchewan-based Potash Company Saskatoon that also manufactures nitrogen and phosphate-based fertilizers is expecting collective gross profits of $1.3 billion to $1.5 billion from the two segments. They had earlier forecast a collected profit from the two segments as $1.3 billion to $1.6 billion. Outlook from Potash Corp differ the forecast made by its rival enterprise Mosaic Co. This company based in Minnesota is expecting its fertilizer sale to be at the top of an earlier made forecast.

Mosaic’s business concentrates more on the phosphate products and Potash Corp results on its phosphate operations have exceeded expectations of some analysts.

Profit Gaps - Lead to Stock Losses

Profit in the first-quarter fell to 56 cents from 84 cents a share or to $491 million from $732 million from the previous year. As stated by Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S Wall Street was expecting earnings of 63 cents a share.

Sales volume of potash fell to 1.2 million tonnes from 2.8 million tonnes for the quarter as compared to previous year. This transformation was a result of slow sales to China, where they were not able to seal a new contract till late March. India and North American buyers also delayed main potash purchases which is extensively used for increasing yields of various grains.

Even with the price of potash pricing fell slightly quarter-on-quarter basis in the spot market, Potash Corp stated that average realized potash price for ten went up almost 20 % from last year levels. The gains mirror the lower volume percentage shipped to contract markets India and China, who typically buy products at a lower price.

It is true that in the past few months’ potash prices are not as volatile as of other crop nutrients like nitrogen and phosphate. Potash Corp feels that the rates have gone down recently because of pressure of competitions and limited demand.

During the first quarter Potash Corp closed few of its potash mines to keep inventories in control. It said on Thursday that during the present quarter they expected no inventory

What Are Binary Options? What Are Binary Options?(0)

The Definition of Binary Options 

Binary options and their ability to make you rich are being discussed by many people nowadays and here we present the real methodology behind this moderately new technique of stock market trading. Basically binary options are risky but offer rewards much bigger as compared to regular ones. Whilst this is an excellent option for individuals, who are ready to make risky moves but there are a few conservative stock traders who will not venture into such escapades. Even though you can see what is exactly on offer in such type of trading, it is no doubt a very attractive method to begin your trading business.

Let us see what exactly binary options are. The key principle behind this system lies in the short term contract made with the broker. This is not something unusual but there is one point that makes it very different from regular ones. Through binary options one can try predicting whether the asset value is on the increasing path when the contract is valid. You can even call it lottery, but this is pretty simple. If you are able to predict increase in asset values correctly you get money and if it fails your invested fund is lost.

How to Trade and Make money with Binary Options

This may sound a little abstract so we will present its approach by way of an example. When you sit in your office and buy stocks online you may come across asset purchase binary options. Here contracts offered are typically for an hour and you can generally buy them close to expiration but that may not be important as assets are acknowledged for constant fluctuation of price. When you are buying a contract you can settle on a call contract if you think that the asset will have a higher value following expiration or go for a put contract, if you believe that it will close lower. Once the contract expires, asset value will be checked and you will either earn or lose money.

This does seem like a risky option for more conservative investors but take a look at the figures. Most binary options contracts come with a ROI policy which is somewhere between 150-185% of the cash invested by you. This is surely an excellent way to earn a good income in a short time frame. This is the reason why many people are attracted towards it. The best thing about the whole system is that it is process is quite simple and you don’t require any firm training to get into it.

Penny Stock Buy Tawsho Mining Inc. Penny Stock Buy Tawsho Mining Inc.(0)

Excellent Mining Company Tawsho Recommended a Buy

Tawsho Mining Inc. Stock Overview

Symbol (TAW) on the TSX Venture 

Primary focus of Tawsho Mining Inc, a mining exploration business is on exploration, acquisition, expansion of gold resources and gold exploration projects in advanced stage. Currently they are developing few projects including the Whisker Valley project which is made up of 870 claims and covers a region of 218.8 sq. km, the Cabot property with 25 sq. kilometres area in Baie Verte, Newfoundland as well as the Chevrier project with 557 claims in the 95.4 sq. kilometres Chibougamau area of Quebec.

Tawsho Mining Inc completed 11 drill holes during their 2011 drill campaign at their Whisker Valley Gold Project which gave a significant gold value return. WK11-08 hole gave an average grade of 1.38 oz/ton, WK11-06 hole offered an average 0.57 oz/ton grade in an interval of 0.15 metres and the WK11-07 hole provided 0.41 oz/ton over 0.5 metres. 

Whisker Valley Newfoundland Property

20,875 hectares of Whisker Valley property lies at the southern tip of the Baie Verte Peninsula in Newfoundland, close to the Middle Arm community and King’s Point can be accessed through paved highways and forest.

Rocks on Whisker Valley property are located east of the Baie Verte Line in the Baie Verte Belt, traditionally famous for base metal and gold deposits. The Baie Verte Line is located on an important structural feature that separates the Humber and Dunnage Zones on the Orogenic Belt of Appalachian-Caledonian.

Bedrock predominantly comprises of felsic, granitic and volcanic intrusions from the Early Silurian King’s Point Complex which is considered to be a buckled Paleozoic caldera. North and east are connected with the Burlington Granodiorite. Gold mineralization of Mesothermal has taken place in the eastern fault in both Burlington Granodiorite and King’s Point Complex.

Whisker Valley property mineralization comprises of gold and uranium linked to quartz veins and haematitic volcanic pyroclastic breccias.

Key interests include Nest and Muskrat showings and Road Gold Showing.

Bayswater Uranium Corporation discovered Road Gold Showing in 2007 and it is made up of quartz-sulphide veins held by shaved felsic volcanic rocks. Bayswater description from grab and float samples show values higher than 10 g/t gold from the finest sample evaluating 104 g/t gold.  Bayswater’s four short drill holes in 2008 did not find encouraging intersections.

Rhino Exploration Ltd discovered the Muskrat and Nest gold showings in 2005 which are not very clear and offer vague descriptions. Test returns from an outcrop sample of this showing are 40,970 ppb Au and 9800 ppb Au.

How to Maximize Profit of Forex Currency Trading How to Maximize Profit of Forex Currency Trading(0)

How to Make Profit on Trading Currencies 

There can be a couple of meanings of currency trading and if you are interested in learning ways to save money and time in currency transfers you can take a look at  Trade Money Transfers from XE. Here we will talk about currency trading which deals with selling and buying currency in the Forex or foreign exchange market for making money.

Currency Trading the Fundamentals of Forex 

Currency exchange rate is basically the rate at which one currency is swapped for another. Typically the citation is in pairs such as EUR/USD or Euro and US Dollar. There is fluctuation in exchange rates based on several economic factors such as inflation, geopolitical events and industrial production. They influence selling as well as buying currency pairs.

Forex Trade Example  

The EUR/USD rate symbolizes the amount of US Dollars one Euro will buy.  If you think that there will be an increase in the value of Euro against the US Dollar you buy Euros by way of US Dollars. If or when there is an increase in the rate of exchange, you can sell Euros to make profit. You have to remember that trading Forex entails very high danger of loss.

Why Choose to Trade Currencies? 

Forex is among the largest markets in the world with more than 3.2 trillion US dollars being traded everyday and is a 24-hour action market.

There are some important variations between Forex and Equities market including:

  • Several agencies don’t charge fee for Forex trading and you just have to pay for the ask/bid spreads.
  • 24 hour trading allows you to dictate how and when to trade.
  • Trading can be done on pull, but this will enhance potential losses and gains.
  • Concentrate on buying from just some currencies compared to over 5000 stocks.
  • It is easy to access Forex and not much capital is needed to start.

Why Currency Trading Is Not For Everyone

There is a high level of risk in trading foreign exchange which may not suit all investors. You must consider your objectives for investment, risk appetite and experience level carefully before taking up foreign exchange trading. It is possible that you suffer the loss of all or some of your initial investment so you must not invest cash which you can’t lose. In case of doubts, it is best to take advice of trusted financial advisors.

WestJet Signs Contract to Buy Bombardier Q400 NextGen WestJet Signs Contract to Buy Bombardier Q400 NextGen(0)

WestJet Selects Bombardier Q400 NextGen Airliner

Technologically advanced Q400 NextGen aircraft from the Bombardier Aerospace travels to Africa on its next leg of 2012 world tour. This journey is heightened by the announcement made by WestJet earlier that these airliners have been chosen to meet their business prerequisites for 45 turboprop aeroplanes to commence its local airline.

President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, Mike Arcamone, considers this to be a very proud moment for Bombardier and was delighted to discover that WestJet had chosen the Q400 NextGen aircraft for their requirements. It is just like the “Get More” demonstration aircraft that journey’s to Africa for the next demonstration tour series. This was the aircraft that started its world tour in March 2012 while stopping in Calgary, Alberta which is the home of WestJetter. It successfully showcased why this new generation turboprop aircraft is perfect in the WestJet’s fleet. According to him the Bombardier family was very happy to welcome WestJetters and looked forward to continue working with the team to conclude the purchase agreement associated with the choice of Q400 NextGen aircrafts.

Mike Arcamone feels that the selection of the Q400 NextGen aircraft was based on its top grade merit as a turboprop that is perfectly suited for the growth oriented WestJet. Q400 NextGen aircraft, a very productive machine has 78 seats with enough cargo space to meet the requirements of guests as well as WestJet. This is a versatile aircraft and competent for short travel and can also speed up to reach further regional destinations. Mr. Arcamone added that Q400 NextGen aircraft is competitive with aircrafts on longer sectors. It is designed with matchless balance of comfort, speed, cost and top environmental considerations and is an ideal machine for WestJet.

Bombardier Q400 NextGen Airliner

Q400 NextGen or the “Get More” aircrafts will be on display flight for demonstration to over 10 African destinations. High value of Q400 aircraft is proved by its ability to operate in diverse environments including cold weather in Eastern Europe and Canada, dry surroundings of the North Africa and Middle East to the humid conditions of sub-Saharan Africa and West North America. There is no other turboprop that can perform like Q400 aircrafts in such environments.

What this Means for Bombardier Stock Holders

Vice President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, Sales, Middle East and Africa, Raphael Haddad said that the demonstration flights , earlier this year to Western Canada, Peru and Chile were very successful and they were ready to showcase Q400 NextGen aircraft in Africa. There are over 200 Bombardier Dash 8/Q-Series turboprops and CRJ Series regional jets including a few 42 Q400 aircraft that are already flying or are ready in Middle East and Africa in a variety of markets.

Mr. Haddad added that their Q400 NextGen airliner is the latest technology, fastest turboprop that offers jet speed as well as turboprop fuel efficiency allowing it to deliver best flexible and on the whole operating economics in this market segment.

2011-2030 market forecast from Bombardier predicts that even after beginning from a small base, Africa and the Middle East are going to capture 7% or about 980 from the 13,100 deliveries around the world in the 149 seat market section. Bombardier Aerospace announced in November 2011, the opening of their regional marketing and sales office in Dubai to help serve Africa and the Middle East. It is situated in the Dubai Free Zone close to the Dubai International Airport and extends global presence of Bombardier by offering closer propinquity to present and prospective clients in the region.

Firm orders have been taken by Bombardier for   Q400 NextGen and 428 Q400 airliners. They are in service in 30 countries by about 40 operators. These aeroplanes have logged on over 3.2 million flight hours and carried 177 million passengers or more with 3.5 million landings and take-offs.

What is a Perpetual Bond What is a Perpetual Bond(0)

Definition of  Perpetual Bonds 

Perpetual bonds are bonds that don’t have a date of maturity. They cannot be redeemed but payout a stable interest till the instrument lasts. Some of the few prominent perpetual bonds are those issued by the British Treasury to compensate smaller amounts used to finance the 1814 Napoleonic Wars. People in the U.S. deem that the government can issue perpetual bonds to become more efficient, as it aids in evading refinancing costs connected to the issue of bonds with a definite maturity date.

Perpetual bonds are often called ‘consol’

Perpetual bonds are bonds with no maturity date and to compensate for that they pay higher rate compare to other bonds with identical credit profile. In fact they are not really popular it is tough to find many perpetual bond issues. You will find more dollar denomination perpetual bond issues as compared to rupee ones.

Typically the company issuing perpetual bonds decide on what to call them which suggests that they can either redeem the bond at a given time period like 5 or 10 years. Perpetual bond issues from Tata Steel came with an option that if they were not called within a particular time period then the issuer would pay an increased rate of interest on them. The bond was issued at 11.8%, and if it is not called by the company in 10 years then the coupon rate would augment by 300 basis points.

They have to be listed on the stock exchange, but some of them do not see any trading at all. It can be of some interest to institutional investors and pension funds but holds no value for retail investors.

There is hardly any situation where an investor will be wealthier with a few percentage points increase in interest income each year with the transaction that will never bring back their capital. It is not a good investment option.

Perpetual bonds can be good for companies and banks to raise cash and buttress their capital. Pension funds can also gain by locking on to high interest rates, and by redeeming their principal redeemed they anyway have to re-invest the amount in some other instrument. Perpetual bonds are in any way suitable for retail investors.

Perpetual Bonds Increasing in Popularity Perpetual Bonds Increasing in Popularity(0)

Perpetual Bonds Becoming Ever More Popular 

Perpetual bonds are popularly being issued by the local banks. Surplus liquidity is a benign outlook for interest rates and the shortage of profitable investment avenues for institutional investors has impelled plenty of interest in such debt offerings.

A perpetual bond has no maturity date and investors keep getting coupon payments all through the instrument’s life. The issuer is under no obligation to redeem them.

Bank of India and Punjab National Bank came into the market with perpetual bonds some time back and saw taking up of half the issues on the day it opened. PNB is hoping to raise an amount of Rs 5000 million through these bonds. Bank of India will hope to get about Rs 4000 million. A coupon rate of 10.4% is offered by PNB with a call option of 10 years.

Bank of India bonds are priced to yield 10.55%, and have a call option after 10 years. There will be an increase of 50 basis points on the coupon rate if the call option is used. Both of them have a mark-up of 50 basis points. Normally bank has to shell out a premium of 50-70 basis points over the yield provided by corporate bonds with similar intention.

Banks typically launch perpetual bonds during surplus liquidity in the system to enjoy the appetite available for these instruments. Banks run by the state take the alternative of raising capital in this form as some fund raising options that are by way of equity dilution may not be in agreement with the owner, i.e. the government.

According to a senior official of FIMMDA or Fixed Income Money Market and Dealers Association, which gets the participants in the fixed income, derivatives segment and money market and together, perpetual bonds do not draw the regular regulatory requirements and with a long tenor would surely deserve coupon rates over 10%.

Regional head and director of StanChart capital markets, South Asia, Prakash Subramanian said that till some time back perpetual bonds were not attracting investors, but lately have generated plenty of interest even from the trading viewpoint. Most of these issues are subscribed by banks. These bonds can be considered as value-buying as they can sell them to provident funds or insurance companies later.

It is interesting by half the PNB and BoI bond programmes are pledge by fellow banks. They are the state-owned banks including Allahabad Bank, Corporation Bank, Bank of Maharashtra with their MNC equivalents like HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Barclays and StanChart.  Rest of the investors are mutual funds accounts and insurance companies. Treasury officials feel that now we are seeing a buyers’ market for perpetual bonds. With the coming off of corporate bond yields, bond traders don’t see much interest in government bonds and rates offered on bulk deposits and certificates of deposits are also heading southwards.

Currently the money market is flooded with surplus cash flows bring a fall in bond yields. Loans rates are still high even after high liquidity situation which has resulted into a wide gap between interest rates and bond yields.

7 Important Forex Trading Tips 7 Important Forex Trading Tips(0)

Tips you Should Know Before Jumping into Forex Trading

1. Gamblers visit the casino but unproved and spontaneous Forex trading actions is also similar to pure gambling. Your attempt to trade without studying and analysing the market is comparable to a game that can be fun till you lose real cash.

2. It is best to practice on a Forex Demo account before investing into an actual Forex account. Give a minimum of 2 months to demo trading. In fact 90% of all starters are not successful in the actual cash market owing to lack of discipline, knowledge and practice.
The remaining 10% of the successful traders are those who have been sharpening their expertise on demo accounts for several years before playing in the real game. A good demo practicing account like FXGame from Oanda will be helpful for beginners.

3. Move with the trend as this is your friend. Trade with the movement which maximizes your probability to succeed. If you trade against the trend it may not “kill” you but will surely need concentration, stress as well as intelligent skills to achieve lucrative trading objectives. Don’t sell when the trend is bullish and don’t buy when the trend is downwards.

4. It is best to look at the time frame that is bigger than the one you have selected to trade in. This offers a larger market price movement picture which helps to define the trend clearly. To give an example, when trading with a time frame of 15 minute, look at the 1 hour charts. Similarly when trading with 1 hour you must get a daily and weekly picture of price movements. When it is tough to spot a trend in Forex, select a larger time frame. You will always find the up and down market patterns and ensure that you understand the
overriding trends, except you are a scalper. Scalpers don’t need to study big trends, but look at what is happening in the market in the present with a 1-5 minute time frame.

5. It is highly avoidable to risk over 2 or 3% of your total trading account. A key difference between a successful and unsuccessful trader is the ability to survive unfavourable market situations. An unsuccessful trader may lose his account with 0-15 unprofitable trades in a sequence. Even in an identical trading system two traders can get reverse results and the difference is in the way money is managed. A quick fact to remember is money management, losing half of your account balance entails generating 100% return just to
get back the original balance.

6. Play down the emotions and trade calmly. Avoid taking revenge if you lose a trade and don’t be insatiable by including additional positions when you are winning. Keep in mind that overreaction stops clear thinking and may result in loss of cash. By overtrading you wobble your money management which considerably enhances trading risks.

7. Select time frames best for you to ensure that you remain secure and have sufficient time to analyze the place market, close orders and more. There are individuals who are not able to wait for hours for things to move and prefer smaller time frames. While others
find 10-15 minutes a hustle to take correct decisions.

High Yield Strategy Binary Options High Yield Strategy Binary Options(0)

How to make Binary Options Work For you

Here is an ultimate guide to binary options strategy. With novel financial products being introduced in the market, you will find that a few of them are much improved compared to the once that are already present. There are some that fade away automatically as they are not suitable for the present day environment of the market. Nevertheless recently there is a financial advancement, Binary Options that is creating interest in the world of finance.

These are also called digital options or all or nothing options and were developed to do away with the complications of the conventional Call and Put options.

 How Do Binary Options Work?

Simplicity of most of the binary options increases further by the detail that there is just a single strike price. Therefore, if the investor purchased a binary call option which closed over the strike price he will get the maximum payout. Alternatively when the market price falls lower than the strike price, the investor looses everything. The difference is also true for binary put options.

To give an example when the investor feels that the market is bullish and buys a binary call option of XYZ company share, priced in the stock market at $150, the option is priced at $70 which on expiry will pay out $112, which is a return of 60%. So if the market closes over $150 for the share, you get $112. In contrast, if the price of the share closes below $150, you stand to get nothing and you will face a 100% loss on your venture.

Even though the majority of binary options have one strike price like mentioned above, there are few binary options that have multiple strike prices such as the ones offered by Nadex and CBOE. They have longer than a day expiry.

 Draw of High Yields Binary Options

Binary options have a fast turnaround with daily or even hourly expiration time. If traders consistently land in cash they will be able to increase trading capital and profits exponentially.

It is possible to get yields ranging from 60% to 80% when you trade binary options. Assume that there is a $200 binary option that has a 75% payout expiry in cash. The investor will get $350 in return, with the $200 investment added with $150 as 75% payout. As trading is done on hourly basis and have a high yield it is very difficult to compute the compounding outcome of the binary options return.

On the other hand if the trade goes out of the cash, based on the options and brokers, investor may recover 15% on their investments or even lose 100% of it. Typically it is hard to unload an out of the money situation.

The Top Online Binary Option Brokers The Top Online Binary Option Brokers(0)

The Best Online Binary Options Brokers is among the finest and most precise online resource for trading in binary options. This website offers you the most recent information on every binary options broker as well as practical guides on ways to build profits through trading binary options. It shows the smart way to trade in different markets.

Understanding What Binary Option Trading is

Binary Options are among the quickest methods of trading in the present day market setting. It is also known by other terms such as Digital options, Fixed Return Options and all or nothing options they are fast becoming a great tool to build a booming trading practice. People, who are trying to find a platform to enhance their odds in this complex trading practice, can take the help of Stockpair to make the best of it. Their service assists people to understand as well as master the secrets of binary options trading to enjoy good profits online.

This trading set-up has become accessible online from 2008 and in the past couple of years; binary options trading have become very popular around the world. The process of trading is based on the trader’s ability to comprehend and assess the price movement of a stock, foreign currency or index in a predetermined time frame. This requires people to stay at the top with all latest market information.  Stockpair assists you to keep in touch with the most up to date market developments, to ensure that you make correct predictions. There is a simple to use platform online to control, monitor, and make correct moves that will generate healthier profits by way of binary trading.

Binary Options 101

Binary options which are also called two-way or digital options are one of the most pioneering styles of trading. This is very efficient and simple which allows you to earn a profit more easily as compared to normal trading. You will need to put in a small investment initially to earn high returns in a short period. You can check out binary options trading for more information on binary options.

 Where you can trade Binary Options?

You will need to register with a binary options broker to start trading binary options. There are several binary options brokers and it is best to select top binary options brokers who provide quality platforms. You can check and compare brokers online.

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