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Reasons to get into Forex Trading

Trade Any Time Everyday with Forex

The Forex market is almost a flawless 24-hour market, based on the availability of liquidity. Forex trading at FXCM starts from Sunday 5:15 p.m. ET and goes on till 4:55 p.m. Friday. Customer service for FXCM is open 24/7 and orders placed previously can be filled till 5 pm ET. Currency traders have the option to customize their trading timetable with the facility to trade around the clock. It is possible to get in as well as out of this market whenever they want without a wait for opening bell or any market break. It is true that it is possible to trade stocks following the typical market hours, there is a chance of negation with less order flow or an extreme broadening of the bid-ask spread.

No Need to Pay Commissions

Typically the costs in the Forex market are restricted to the bid-ask spread. No commission is charged by FXCM as it is remunerated via a mark-up that is included in the spread that it gets from its liquidity offered through the FX Trading Station.

FXCM can even get reparation from its liquidity providers for the order flow. You don’t have to pay any commission to FXCM for standard accounts, but commission cost can be relevant for particular class of non-standard accounts including Active Trader.

It is Easy to Access Forex Market Information

There are plenty of stocks as well as information on stocks.  To locate good trading chance in the equities markets, it can mean going through thousands of stock data, on the other hand a Forex trader has to just research six key currencies. Other than that the important information that propels the equity markets, like profits and revenues can be complicated and may even be prone to deception, insider trading and fraud. While almost all the news that moves the Forex market is reports dispersed publicly by research institutions or governments and is apparent.

It is true that the knowledge gained while analyzing stocks can also be easily shifted into the Forex market. The currency markets are affected by a number of economic indicators common to equity traders like interest rates and payroll data.  There are several technical traders who find the Forex market to be especially particularly lucrative as currencies react well to several universal technical indicators like Candlestick charting, MACD and RSI.

You can learn more about shifting to Forex trading from trading equity markets from FXCM staff.

Lower Forex Commissions

Lower commissions are offered by the Active Trader Group for high-volume traders. It is possible to gain from this pricing on all FXCM platforms. In case you decide to trade via the Active Trader platform you will get a look at the liquidity available at every price band. The added transaction cost of the Active Trader program including spreads plus commissions typically is quite less compared to the cost of transaction (spreads) accessible on a classic FXCM standard account.

Remember Forex Trading Can Be a High Risk Investment

There is a high level of risk when trading margin carries or foreign exchange and may not be appropriate for many investors. There is a high level of leverage that can work for as well as against you. Before you take a call trade Forex, think about your risk appetite, investment objectives and experience level cautiously. There is a fair chance of sustaining some or even complete loss of your initial investment which suggests that it is best not to invest cash which you can’t afford to lose. It is best to be conscious of the various risks linked with foreign exchange trading and take the advice of a financial advisor in case you have questions and doubts.


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